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I'm an amateur astronomer living in Suffolk, in the UK. I got into astronomy in 2006, after receiving a 3 inch telescope as a gift from my Wife. From that moment on, my passion for astronomy, and particularly astrophotography, has continued to grow.

Whether you are new to astronomy, or have been practising astronomy for many years, I hope that you find some of the content on this website interesting and useful.

"Quos serenitatem aeris" - AmateurAstro_UK

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This image is made up from a stack of sixty 2-minute light frames with dark and bias frames subtracted using Deep Sky Stacker (DSS). The image was processed in DSS and then GIMP. The image was taken on the 25th and 26th of April 2020 using a Canon 450D (ISO 1600) on a 10” Meade LX90 scope with a 0.63x focal reducer and autoguider (PHD2 guiding software using a Philips SPC900NC with a 60mm scope @ f/7 and a 2x Barlow). This is the second time that I have imaged this Deep Sky Object and this time I managed to bring out some of the detail in the spiral arms. I really enjoy looking at images of M51, its orientation to us emphasises the real beauty of a spiral galaxy. It also shows us one of the Universes most calamitous events, namely a pair of interacting galaxies, and one that is in the imaging range of amateur astronomers.

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